Form 3: FHA Compliance Inspection Request Form

This form is only for new manufactured homes and is used to request an initial or final FHA/VA compliance inspection, which must be performed by a HUD certified inspector.

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Requestor Information

Loan Applicant Information

Site Address for the Inspection

Mortgage Lender Information

FHA Case Number

Builder Information

This can be found on Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy.

The following items are needed for the Final Compliance Inspection:

  1. Final site grading must be complete, including backfilling of utility lines
  2. Arrangements for access to mobile home interior must be made (for checking of appliances)
Fax: (352) 799-1225 • E-mail:

Payment Arrangements

Limited Warranty

By selecting a payment method above, the requestor understands and agrees that this inspection is limited to visual observations of apparent conditions existing at the time of the inspection. Latent and concealed defects and deficiencies are excluded from the inspection. No portions of the building or its systems are dismantled during the inspection. This inspection and report are not a guarantee or warranty, implied or expressed, regarding the adequacy or condition of the inspected structure or its components. The maximum liability, if any, for ADP & Associates, Inc. is limited to the amount of the inspection fee.

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