At ADP & Associates, Inc. upon receipt of your Manufactured Home Inspection Request Form, we perform the inspection and furnish a certification within 2 to 3 business days.

As engineers and FHA/VA/USDA compliance inspectors, we certify and electronically sign and seal our mobile home foundation inspection certifications, which are then emailed directly to you. We can email the electronically signed and sealed manufactured home foundation certification documents, which are universally accepted, to anywhere at your request.

FHA/VA/USDA lenders require a number of home and foundation inspections prior to the purchase of a modular, mobile or manufactured home. We also complete inspections for conventional home loans. Please choose the correct inspection(s) that you need below.

Form 1: Manufactured Home Foundation Design Certification Request Form

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This certification of ground anchorages is provided to the client and, together with the manufacturer’s drawing of pier locations, provides the foundation details at the time of initial setup. The two documents may be all that is requested of the approving authority to obtain a permit to install the structure in accordance with HUD/FHA/VA applications.

The engineered foundation drawing is utilized for governmental approval and contractor installation. It is signed and sealed by an ADP professional engineer and submitted to the client with a certified letter (also signed and sealed) certifying that the foundation, when constructed in accordance with this drawing, will be in compliance with rules, regulations, and statutes pertaining to manufactured and modular homes and where required FHA, VA and USDA guidelines.

It is the installer’s responsibility to apply for a building permit and submit the required documents. This certification is used for new homes only.

Form 2: Manufactured Home Foundation Engineering Inspection and Certification Request Form

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This form is used to request a foundation inspection and provide an engineer’s certification that the foundation meets all HUD standards and qualifies for the FHA/VA or USDA loan. This inspection can be used for pre-owned manufactured/modular home.

Form 3: Manufactured Home Compliance Inspection Request Form

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This form is only for new manufactured homes and is used to request an initial or final FHA/VA or USDA compliance inspection, which must be performed by a professional Engineer.

Form 4: Manufactured Home Foundation Reinspection Request Form

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This form is required to perform the foundation reinspection and send certification after remedial work has been finished in order to bring the structure up to FHA/VA or USDA standards.

Form 5: Pre-Pour Foundation Footer Inspection Request Form

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This form is only for new manufactured homes and is used to request an inspection of an excavated footer or slab with steel reinforcement in place and prior to installation of concrete.

Form 6: Additions to Main Structure Request Form

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This form is used to request an inspection of additions to the main structure to assure the lenders, buyers, and others that the additions are properly built and cause no structural impairment to the main structure.

ADP & Associates, Inc. looks forward to working with you on your FHA/VA/USDA/CONVENTIONAL manufactured home loan inspections.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.