Form 6: Additions to Main Structure Request Form

This form is used to request an inspection to assure the lenders, buyers, and others that additions added to the main structure are correctly built and cause no structural impairment to the main structure. This is a valid concern since the manufactured home in the factory undergoes numerous inspections, but additions may be installed later at the home site.

Recently, lenders have become more aware that another issue might impair the main structure: the installation of the additions to the main structure. Formerly, it was the foundations of the structures that were required. Now, more and more lenders wish to include the additions as well. We understand that the request for the engineer to add a sentence that the additional structures added to the home do not affect the structural integrity of the main structure; however, the purpose of having an engineer sign and seal a document is to provide a legal document’s contents for which the engineer is held responsible. Should there be a complication in the home due to additions, the engineer stating that the additions do not impair the structure could result in the engineer being responsible for the loss associated with any financial or personal incident.

From the above, you can see that investigating the structures attached to the home is in the best interest of all involved. The additional duties involve further inspection, office scheduling, analysis, and report writing of findings, all of which need to be compensated for if the engineer is to continue in his practice.

By providing our comments on the additions and signing and sealing those comments, the public’s well-being is best served, which is the top responsibility and goal of the engineer. We hope to be of service in the future and will answer questions regarding the above.

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