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A Company You Can Trust With Your Manufactured Home Foundation and Compliance Inspection Requirements for FHA Certification



An FHA/VA/USDA insured loan, or a conventional loan, is a major benefit available to help with modular and manufactured home purchases. A low down payment and financially friendly terms can allow many more families to become homeowners.

To assure the buyer and taxpayers that the purchase is for a safe and properly constructed home, FHA/VA/USDA has instituted requirements for both the construction of the structure and for assuring the manufactured home foundation is able to withstand the expected storm winds while remaining stable and safe.

As an FHA qualified engineering company, we can provide the proper certification that insures the mobile or manufactured home meets the foundation requirements. We certify the manufactured home is in accordance with specification HUD 7584 and “Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing HUD-007487,” September 1996 Edition that includes paragraph 101-2 and HUD Handbook 4930.3.

Good quality control is achieved in the factory during the construction process of your manufactured, modular or mobile home by undergoing numerous HUD building inspections. We certify the foundation installation meets all HUD criteria.

At the completion of construction at the factory and with all HUD construction standards met, a metal plate is attached to each section of the manufactured home with a number that can be utilized for records assuring that the structure has passed (HUD) quality control.

Qualified Licensed Professional Engineers

Certification PlateAt the job site, though, it is more difficult to document that the manufactured home construction has met proper FHA/VA/USDA and conventional loan standards and that’s why there is a requirement for a qualified licensed professional engineer to record in his certification the HUD plate numbers and to also certify that the manufactured home foundation meets the current installation standards for wind loads and FHA foundation certification found in HUD Handbook 4930.3 and HUD 7584.

If the mobile home foundation needs remedial work, the qualified structural engineer will record that in his report and describe the necessary improvements.

Mobile Home Anchoring Systems

Making Sure All Standards Are Met

There are a number of construction elements that the qualified structural engineer looks for while doing the manufactured and modular home foundation inspection to assure that the structure will meet foundation certification requirements. The adjacent picture includes the major components that the inspector looks for when he goes through his checklist at the site.

Besides the foundation elements that are required to be in place, FHA/VA also has a directive for skirting construction. The requirement that it be structurally reinforced is addressed during the mobile home foundation inspection.

ADP & Associates, Inc. has a detailed drawing that gives guidance to licensed installers for the upgrading of skirting to structural requirements. That drawing describes a latticework of vertical and horizontal steel or timber members to which the typical vinyl skirting can be attached on the manufactured home.

Fast Turnaround

The FHA foundation inspection of the manufactured home can be completed and a report or certification furnished by ADP & Associates, Inc. within two to three days, typically. At times we understand there may be a need for quicker turnaround and we will make every effort for next or even same day service.

ADP & Associates, Inc. has specialized in modular and manufactured home inspections and mobile home foundation inspections since 1992 and has a wealth of experience and information on hand to provide prompt dependable service.

ADP & Associates, Inc. is a civil engineering consulting firm that has been servicing clients since 1989.

We provide fast and affordable manufactured and modular home foundation inspections for FHA/VA/USDA insured and conventional loans on both new and pre-owned homes across multiple states.

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