At ADP & Associates, Inc. upon receipt of your Manufactured Home Inspection Request Form, we perform the inspection and furnish a certification within 2 to 3 business days.

As engineers and FHA/VA compliance inspectors, we certify and electronically sign and seal our mobile home foundation inspection certifications, which are then emailed directly to you. We can email the electronically signed and sealed FHA/VA manufactured home foundation certification documents, which are universally accepted, to anywhere at your request.

FHA/VA lenders require a number of home and foundation inspections prior to the purchase of a modular, mobile or manufactured home. Please choose the correct inspection(s) that you need below.

Form 1: FHA/VA Manufactured Home Foundation Design Certification Request Form

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This certification is provided to supply to lenders who require that the foundation plan of the manufacturer be certificated by a state-registered engineer prior to the site set up. This is used for new homes only followed by an initial manufactured home inspection at the time of delivery and setup and a final inspection at the completion of construction. With both, it negates the need for a manufactured home foundation inspection.


Form 2: FHA/VA Manufactured Home Foundation Engineering Inspection and Certification Request Form

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This request form is used to request a manufacturered home foundation inspection and provide an engineer’s certification that the foundation meets all HUD standards and qualifies for the FHA/VA loan. This inspection can be used for a new or pre-owned manufactured home.

Form 3: FHA/VA Manufactured Home Compliance Inspection Request Form

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This form is used to request an initial or final FHA/VA compliance inspection, which must be performed by a HUD certified inspector. These compliance inspections are needed only for new manufactured homes.

Form 4: FHA/VA Manufactured Home Foundation Reinspection Request Form

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This request form is for a reinspection of your manufactured home, to be performed after remedial work has been finished in order to bring the modular, manufactured or home home up to FHA/VA standards.

ADP & Associates, Inc. looks forward to working with you on your FHA/VA manufactured home loan inspections.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.