Waste Water Treatment Plant Inspections Florida
The state of Florida requires that each wastewater treatment plant be re-certified by a Florida licensed professional engineer every five years. ADP & Associates (ADP) has a long history of re-certifying wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and began this activity in 1990.

The State requires an independent third party professional to collect the data submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental regulation (FDEP), analyze it and process it into the FDEP re-certification format.

Each month the WWTP operator sends samples of the influent and effluent of the WWTP to a lab to determine the amount of several parameters in the waste water.

Those determinations, then are forwarded monthly by the operator to FDEP and kept as records of operation of the WWTP. The reports are called Monthly Operating Reports (MOR’s).

ADP & Associates, Inc. collects these Monthly Operating Reports and puts them into the format required by the wastewater section of FDEP. It is not unusual for the FDEP reviewer to ask questions upon review of the report, to which the engineer responds with clarifications.

For clarification, ADP has listed commonly used rules during the re-certifying process:

1. The re-certification application is required to be sent to FDEP six months prior to the expiration date of the current waste water treatment plant permit.

2. There are times when waste water treatment plant remedial work is required. The FDEP will discuss this with owner and engineer and agree on a timetable to achieve compliance with FDEP rules.

3. The owner must furnish information to the engineer to complete his work. Such items as signatures, fees, waste hauler name and address, operator name and address and other identifying information as required by the FDEP formatted documents.

The photos below give an indication of the re-certifying process.

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