The state water management districts (WMD) in Florida require property owners that have drainage systems, constructed and permitted for operation in conformance with (WMD) rules and requirements to be periodically inspected to assure that the drainage system is operating in conformance to which it was approved and permitted.

The WMD requires that a State of Florida licensed professional engineer inspect the various components that make up the drainage system and file a certification that the system is functioning as intended.

ADP & Associates, Inc (ADP) has been in active practice since 1991 and has designed many drainage systems for multiple uses.

ADP has also been a major participant in the inspection process of constructed facilities throughout the State of Florida. ADP conducts consulting activities and inspection activities throughout the State and has performed for nationally affiliated businesses at their many locations throughout Florida.

Some of the drainage systems uses include:

  • Residential subdivision development
  • Private commercial site development
  • Industrial parks
  • Hospitals
  • Governmental agencies
  • Roadways
  • Parks and recreation facilities
  • Water and waste water treatment facilities
  • Parking lots
  • Amusement facilities
Below are some commonly asked questions about WMD inspections.

Why is a drainage inspection needed and required by the WMD?

The proper maintenance of swales, pipes, control structures, and flumes is essential to controlling water polluted by impervious surfaces. If the proper components are not functioning properly decontamination and flooding could result.

How frequently does a drainage system require an inspection?

The frequency of inspection is dependent on the type of drainage system that has been found suitable and designed for a specific site. Some inspections are inspected in five-year increments, while others have requirements for 18 months, 3 years and other specific time periods. The WMD has defined the type of system, i.e. wet detention system, 100-year storage system, etc. and refers to the initial design when specifying the required inspection date.

What facilities are inspected by the engineer?

The inspected facilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Drainage retention area (DRA) pond, bottom, sloping sides, configuration
  • Inlets and pipes leading runoff to the DRA
  • Grassed swales leading runoff to the DRA
  • Concrete flumes leading runoff to the DRA
  • Control structures which regulate the elevation of water in the DRA
  • Skimmers constructed to prevent floating debris from leaving the site.
  • Proper mowing of pond bottom and berms
  • Requiring trash and debris to be removed from DRA
What materials need to be supplied to the engineer to do his inspection?

No materials are required. The engineer has already researched the project and knows the type of system and its requirements to perform the inspection.

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