Like so many other things today, FHA manufactured home foundation inspections have become specialized. No longer do we head to the family doctor to take care of all of our medical needs. The family doctor is an excellent place to start, but we rely on specialists for the more complex issues.  Be it skin rash, breathing difficulties, or broken leg; a specialist is where the unique problem or situation gets resolved.

Just like the medical profession, engineering of manufactured and modular homes has also progressed to specialization. FHA or HUD mobile/manufactured home foundation inspections have also progressed to be able to cope with violent and destructive storms. You can start with a civil engineer acquainted with the structural needs and standard construction practices. Still, the rules and specifications of manufactured home foundations are a specialty requiring a professional engineer who has the experience and training to best recognize and resolve construction techniques for meeting today’s need for safety and economy.

Over 30 Years Experience in Home Foundation Inspection and Certification

ADP & Associates has over 30 years of experience in FHA, VA, USDA and conventional mortgage requirements for  manufactured home foundation inspections. The foundation inspections and certifications required for FHA insured loans require a trained specialist to travel to the job site and visually review the construction before him. The manufactured home may be new or pre-owned, but his job is to record its current condition. A properly trained mobile home foundation inspector knows the rules and regulations and records his findings for final review of FHA and HUD Rules  back at the office.

Once on-site, the mobile home foundation inspector checks to ensure that footings are in concrete or proper ABS pads and the correct sizes of footers are in place. The inspector collects all the documentation needed to perform the assessment of the structural requirements including earth anchors and straps according to FHA Standards. The thorough analysis of the manufactured home foundation  assures that the manufactured home, once in place, will be set correctly to avoid water retention under the home, soil settlement, and the home’s ability to withstand wind or seismic forces.

Back in the office, the licensed professional engineer will review the documentation and photos. Through experience, judgment, and training, he will keep you from falling into the mire of requirements that can overwhelm you and keep you from taking that next step. FHA, VA and HUD require foundation inspections and compliance inspections at the job site. That’s why the FHA mortgage industry, insurance industry, and State regulations call for a professional engineer to take responsibility for ensuring the home is secured to a proper foundation.  More and more banks and lending institutions are also requiring the engineer to provide a Foundation Certification.

FHA and HUD Compliance Inspections Specialists

ADP & Associates, Inc. has been applying this type of expertise for over three decades in all sorts of terrain, wind conditions, contractor monitoring, and FHA and HUD compliance inspections. Our on-site inspectors are technicians trained to look at the site, make notes and pictures, complete pages of detailed conditions and components at the site so that the engineer can determine that the materials have been set correctly.

The growth of the number of manufactured homes has risen exponentially over the last two decades. The quality of HUD homes purchased through the insured FHA loan and HUD programs as well as VA programs and USDA programs have developed the methodology to make it possible to save not only housing costs but also financing costs.

Like X-ray or lab technicians are for a physician, inspectors help the engineer ensure that the installation meets all the specified codes and rules of the County, State, FHA, VA, USADA and HUD requirements culminating in a signed and sealed foundation certification.

And, like the physician, the engineering specialist will utilize his education, training, and experience to satisfy foundation requirements. Just like a doctor, the engineer wants to make sure your home is on a healthy manufactured home foundation so that no “broken bones” will occur.

ADP & Associates, at the time of this writing, currently offers manufactured home foundation and compliance Inspections in: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia.