One of our clients had a civil engineer do the site work for his manufactured home. He used a licensed general contractor to set the foundation of his manufactured home. But when he tried to get FHA financing he was told that he had to have his manufactured home inspected by a licensed Professional Engineer.


While structural engineers are versed in site-built structures, there are special rules associated with manufactured home foundations – rules such as HUD 4930 and HUD 7584. Because of these special HUD rules, HUD requires Professional Engineer’s to inspect and provide a signed and sealed certification that the foundation meets FHA rules.

And, while general contractors are well versed in local codes for site work, there are special rules associated with manufactured home foundations and how the structure is secured to the foundation. Again, there are special FHA and HUD rules that apply to the proper installation of a manufactured home on its foundation. So just any contractor cannot perform remediation. It has to be one that is state certified.

So unfortunately for our client, the contractor that originally set his manufactured home on its foundation, did not follow the FHA and HUD foundation requirements. Our client had to pay additional money. He had to have the previous work remediated and brought to FHA and HUD code by a state certified installer.

Once brought up to the FHA and HUD standards, as certified structural engineers specializing in FHA and HUD foundation requirements, we were able to provide to the client and his loan officer signed and sealed certification that the home’s foundation was a proper installation.